Barcelona Spain information

Barcelona is an exciting city to visit while in Spain. Located on the Mediterranean Sea it is the second largest city in the country and is the capital of Catalonia. The cosmopolitan city offers something for everyone’s tastes.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Visitors will find the most comfortable weather in late spring and early fall each year. Between April and June and then again in late September through November the temperatures are comfortable and it will not be too hot in the city. August is the busiest time to visit the city since many people in Spain vacation during this month.

Anyone traveling in late September will be able to attend the Les Festes de la Merce (Festival of the Virgin of Mercy) which is considered one of the world’s best festivals. The festival takes places around September 24 and lasts for four days. Nearly 600 events take place during the festival including a series of free concerts and a swimming race through the harbor. One of the highlights is a contest where individuals known as castellers compete to form a human pyramid which has towered nearly eight stories. Anyone who is feeling daring can also participate in a fire run.

Getting to Barcelona
There are several options when traveling by air into Barcelona. The main transportation hub is the Barcelona International Airport where most major airlines fly into each day. However, many budget carriers fly into nearby Girona or Reus airports including Ryanair. Each of these is located approximately 100km outside of the city. There is bus transportation available from each of these airports.

In addition, throughout the day trains arrive from other parts of Europe through France. There are three major train stations spread through the city. Besides rail travel, the city’s port is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean region. Large cruise ships dock at the city and smaller boats to the city arrive from the Balearic Islands, Genoa, and Rome. Travel from Rome by boat is cheaper than taking the bus.

Traveling Around the City of Barcelona

Traveling in the city is easy when using the Barcelona Bus Turistic. The bus system links all the top tourist sites and has three major routes that run throughout the city. When boarding the double-decker buses passengers receive earphones. At each seat there are outlets where the earphones can be plugged in on the bus and then at major attractions riders can hear descriptions of the location.

Besides riding the bus, visitors can also use the metro system. There are two different lines operated by different networks, so sometimes riders have to exit and enter through new pay gates to make a transfer.

World Heritage Sites In Barcelona

One of the best things to do while in Barcelona is visiting one of the three attractions which are World Heritage Sites. The first is the Palace of Catalan Music. The concert hall is considered the most beautiful buildling in the city. Visitors can take daily tours of the concert hall, but tickets must be purchased in advance.

The next site is the Church of the Sacred Family which was built by Antoni Gaudi. The cathedral is massive in size and was designed in the gothic style. Another World Heritage Site is the Casa Batllo which was also built by Antoni Gaudi. The facade of the building is a landmark in the city and the building can be toured.

The city of Barcelona offers something for everyone and is a great Mediterranean escape. Ease of access when traveling to the city and a variety of public transportation options once there make it a great place for travelers to add to their itineraries.

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